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Replacement or spare car keys available 7 days a week

It’s always a good idea to have a second key for your car, to avoid the worry and panic if your only key is lost or stops working. It’s a quick process for us to cut and program a spare key for your car and can save you hundreds of pounds if you ever do lose your car keys.

Need a spare or replacement key?

At Pro Auto Locksmith, we pride ourselves on a quality service with a quick turnaround. We carry a wide variety of basic and remote car keys in stock and can normally provide you with a spare or replacement key the same day. Saving you an expensive visit to a main dealer at your convenience.

In an emergency, our mobile auto locksmiths can usually be with you within an hour and make a replacement car key for you on site.

Certain dealers will tell you a spare or replacement key is not possible without replacing an expensive KVM or immobiliser unit. This is not true – we can make a replacement car key for most makes and models.

Our technicians use the latest specialist diagnostic equipment and techniques allowing us to offer you high quality replacement car keys at a competitive price.

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Whatever automotive locksmith service you need – be it that your vehicle key is worn and damaged, or you need a replacement car key as you have lost or had your key stolen – get a brand-new replacement from our mobile car key replacement service; available 7 days a week. As we come to you, our mobile service completely removes the need to organise vehicle towing and any hire cars whilst you wait for a dealer to replace your car key.

Mobile car key replacement

Replacing your car key shouldn’t be a long, complicated and drawn-out process. It should be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Whether you’ve lost your key completely or it’s been locked inside your vehicle, we are able to come to you and gain damage-free access to your car and provide any required car or van key replacements.   


We send a 24-hour mobile car key replacement technician to you, who will usually arrive within one hour
Using the latest methods of non-destructive entry, they will gain access to your vehicle


Our experts can then decode, cut and program a new key for you on site to get you back on the road


New or old, big or small, budget or premium – we offer car key replacement for all different makes and models.
Why do I need a key programmed?

Most vehicles made after 1995 had an immobiliser installed to stop thieves from stealing your car even if they gain access to it.

There is a small transponder chip inside your car key that sends a signal to your car to let it know it’s ok to turn the immobiliser off and start the engine. Pro Auto Locksmith technicians will use specialist diagnostic tools to program and pair your new keys and transponder units to your vehicle.

We provide a full, comprehensive auto locksmith service allowing us to decode, cut and program vehicle keys wherever you are. This service also includes the erasure of transponders from the immobiliser “memory”, meaning we can get your vehicle to “forget” any missing car keys. So, if someone did find your lost keys, they would not be accepted by the vehicle and would not be able to start the engine, giving you extra peace of mind.

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