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Car key programming

Has your car key stopped working? Do you need a new car key or remote programmed? We can help. We can program your car key and remote, having them working again in no time.

Why do I need my car key programmed?

Most cars have immobilisers, and your car key will need more than just cutting to work. You will need your car key programmed to be able to start your car and for the remote buttons to work.

Unfortunately, most standard locksmiths and garages won’t be able to help you, as it takes specialist diagnostic equipment and skills to program a car key to a vehicle. We send out our expert technicians to you with the latest advanced diagnostic equipment to program a full working key, quickly and easily. 

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If you’ve lost your car’s original key or remote fob, you may be at risk. If someone finds your old key and is able to locate your vehicle, they could gain access and drive your car away. For your peace of mind, we can remove any lost or stolen keys from your vehicle’s immobiliser ‘memory,’ meaning that if someone was to approach your car with the old key, they would not be able to start it.

What about my car's security?

Give our 24-hour line a call and we can have you back on the road as easy as 1, 2, 3

We help car owners every day who have lost their car keys. Wherever you are in Kent, we will have one of our mobile technicians come to you.


We send a 24-hour mobile car key replacement technician to you, who will usually arrive within one hour
Using the latest methods of non-destructive entry, they will gain access to your vehicle


Our experts can then decode, cut and program a new key for you on site to get you back on the road


Why do I need a key programmed?

Most vehicles made after 1995 had an immobiliser installed to stop thieves from stealing your car even if they gain access to it.

There is a small transponder chip inside your car key that sends a signal to your car to let it know it’s ok to turn the immobiliser off and start the engine. Pro Auto Locksmith technicians will use specialist diagnostic tools to program and pair your new keys and transponder units to your vehicle.

We provide a full, comprehensive auto locksmith service allowing us to decode, cut and program vehicle keys wherever you are. This service also includes the erasure of transponders from the immobiliser “memory”, meaning we can get your vehicle to “forget” any missing car keys. So, if someone did find your lost keys, they would not be accepted by the vehicle and would not be able to start the engine, giving you extra peace of mind.

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