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Broken door lock?
Damaged ignition barrel?

Having broken car keys is bad enough, but when your lock is damaged or you’ve had a key snap inside, it takes a true expert to get you back up and running. Pro Auto Locksmith have expert mobile technicians who can come to your home and provide a complete repair or replacement service for any damaged vehicle locks.

Broken car ignition barrels

One of the most common issues with damaged ignition barrels is excessive wear, caused by the weight of having too many keys hanging whilst driving. This causes wear on the small internals of the barrel, causing it to stop working or worse case become insecure, so any key can turn the ignition. We can strip down and repair the internals of the barrel to have it working like new. Or if the barrel is not repairable, we can replace the ignition and code it to your original key, meaning there is no need for different keys for your door and ignition.

How to make one key work in all car locks

If you have bought a vehicle second hand, you may find that you need a different key for the door, boot and ignition. This will be because a previous owner has had one of the locks replaced. We can come out to you and recode your existing locks so one key fits all.

My car door lock is broken. Do I need replacement locks?

The simple answer is probably not. Car locks are made up of small mechanical parts that wear over time, but these can be repaired or replaced. We have specialist technicians that can come to you, examine your vehicle lock and often repair them. In the worst case, when your car locks are not repairable due to damage or vandalism, we can provide and fit full replacement locks and have them working from your original key.

I’ve had my car keys stolen!

Don’t worry, Pro Auto Locksmith provide a full lock replacement service and can recode the locks on your vehicle to stop the stolen or lost keys being used, including in the ignition. All work can be done at your home or work by our mobile specialists.

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My car locks don’t work. What do I do now?

Cars are becoming more and more complex, and that is the same for their central locking systems. When something goes wrong, you’ll need a car locksmith with the knowledge and know-how to repair your locks and get you back on the road.

Give our 24-hour line a call and we can have you back on the road as easy as 1, 2, 3

We help car owners every day who have lost their car keys. Wherever you are in Kent, we will have one of our mobile technicians come to you.


We send a 24-hour mobile car key replacement technician to you, who will usually arrive within one hour
Using the latest methods of non-destructive entry, they will gain access to your vehicle


Our experts can then decode, cut and program a new key for you on site to get you back on the road


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Don't wait for your locks to break!

Car locks are one of the main looked over items on a service, but in our opinion the most important. Why wait until you’re locked out your car or unable to start your vehicle to have your locks serviced? If you notice your key ‘sticking’ in the locks, or becoming hard to turn, we can come out to strip, clean and examine your locks and keys to find the fault. We can then provide a solution, so you can sit in the comfort knowing you won’t have an emergency ‘locked out’ situation.

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